At the TestDefence event themed "How to Develop High Quality, Reliable Defense Systems and Software", we came together with defense industry informatics professionals jointly organized by the Turkish Testing Board and the Public Informatics Association. TestDefence event is held on Thursday, 27th February 2020, between 09.00-16.00 in Ankara, at Information and Communication Technologies Authority. In the event, where national and international keynotes were hosted, technological developments in the field of defense industry and the relationship of these developments with software testing were discussed within the scope of panels and speeches attended by leading professionals of the industry. In the all-day event hosted by BTK in Ankara, the topics of static and dynamic code analysis in software security, software testing types and improvement setups, test structures in Turkey, different industrial approaches and the integration of traditional processes in defense industry software into DevOps processes are forms the major titles.

Notes from TestDefence 2020

Vice President of Public Informatics Association Yakup Şıvka, who made the opening speech of TestDefence, emphasized the importance of analysis and test improvement processes. Şıvka stated that application development does not consist of coding, but also evaluated stress, load and performance and security as the three basic stages of the process. TRtest General Manager Bilal Aktaş talked about the test structures in Turkey and the role of TRtest in his speech. Aktaş, stating that they have taken as a mission as a company that domestic companies should test domestic products with domestic criteria, Aktaş underlined that "As Turkey is now a country that produces its own products, the tests should be done within the country". Touching on the same issue, the President of the Software Testing and Quality Association, Koray Yitmen, said, "Why not Tested in Turkey like Made in Turkey?" said.

The way of improvement is long

Within the TestDefence, the striking data shared by TTB from various reports drew attention. President of the Software Testing and Quality Association Koray Yimen, included the data obtained from the reports for the year 2019-2020 in his speech. Yitmen stated that 39 percent of the responses to the recovery period of the collapsed system were determined as “between one week and one month” n the 2019-2020 edition of DevOps State Report Turkey, and added that more progress should be made in improvement. In the data he shared from the Turkey Software Quality Report 2019-2020, which was published as a result of the worldwide survey that included 92 countries and more than 2 thousand participants, he revealed his test preferences by comparing the data of the world and Turkey.

Innovations in Defense Technology

The panel themed "Dynamic/Static Code Analysis in Software Security and Importance of Using WAF" was held with high participation by the moderation of Dr. Emre Öğütcen, head of Information Processing Department of the Ministry of Technology and Industry. In the panel, issues such as the use of manual tools in testing processes, the use of positive and negative security in the application firewall approach, as well as the negative effects such as the workload of static source code analysis and false findings in test techniques were discussed. It was also emphasized that cyber intelligence is an important factor that all institutions should follow.