The International TestIstanbul Conference, the largest software testing event in the EMEA region, has hosted thousands of participants and dozens of valuable keynote speakers from all over the world since 2010. Every year, during the TestIstanbul Conference, Turkey Software Quality Report (TSQR) is presented to the industry. The conference is organized by the Turkish Testing Board, a non-profit organization, and the income is donated as scholarships and to other non-profit organizations.

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Previous TestIstanbul Conferences


TestIstanbul 2021:

DevOps: Empowered By Software Testing & Automation

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TestIstanbul 2020:

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) In Testing And Test Automation Continuous Testing, Continuous Integration & DevOps

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TestIstanbul 2019:

Test Engineer X.0: A Bright Career Opportunity In Software Testing Re-Energize Your Testing Teams!

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TestIstanbul 2016:

Test Data Management

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TestIstanbul 2015:

Performance Testing: High Performance Driven By Business

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TestIstanbul 2014:

Mobile Testing: Testing On The Move

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TestIstanbul 2013:

Future of Testing: New Techniques and Methodologies

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TestIstanbul 2011:

More Usability Testing, Better User Experience

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TestIstanbul 2012:

Test Automation For a Better, Faster Software

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TestIstanbul 2010:

Software Testing: Quality Bridge Between Business & IT

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