After your exam registration is completed, you will be contacted by e-mail to determine your exam date. Exam schedule will be shared with you and you will be asked to choose the date you want to take the exam.

A person who has registered for the exam has the right to postpone the exam entry date only once. Candidates must submit their request for postponement of the exam to TTB® at the latest 15 days before the exam date by e-mail. Otherwise, the candidate will be able to attend the exam by paying a penalty of 50% of the participation fee of the relevant exam. If the participant gives up his right to take the exam, 50% of the participation fee paid will be refunded.

Exams are scheduled according to Turkey time (UTC +03:00).

It is forbidden to use the translate application or any document in the exam. If detected, your exam will be cancelled.

The offline exam will made if at least 20 candidates are registered for the date determined and announced by TTB®. Upon special request, private classes can be opened for institutions.

Online exams are held live with the camera open, accompanied by a proctor. It is necessary to connect to the online exam from a computer with a camera. Before the exam, camera-microphone-screen sharing permissions must be granted.
After your exam date is determined, an invitation e-mail is sent to you by the Mettl exam system. In the invitation mail sent, there is a test link to check your device compatibility, and a START button to enter the exam. You do not need to download any application. You can open the link in your browser. The START button will be active on exact date and time of your exam.

Firstly, we recommend that you run your test link a few days before your exam and check the compatibility of your device. Make sure your computer and browser are up-to-date and that you have given camera-microphone-screen sharing permissions before the exam. If you are connecting to the exam from your work computer, the device may prevent you from entering the exam screen due to security measures.

For participating ISTQB Agile Tester, Performance Testing Specialist and Advanced Level exams, it is a prerequisite to have a Foundation Level certificate. You cannot participate in other exams without having a Foundation Level certificate. We would like to remind you that in the Advanced Level exams, work experience is important as well as theorical knowledge.

We recommend that you can connect to the exam from your mobile internet, despite the risk of losing your internet connection. In short-term interruptions, you can re-enter the exam and continue from where you left off. 

Sınavda boş kâğıt ve kalem kullanabilir su içebilirsiniz. Proctor kameraya boş kâğıdı göstermenizi isteyecektir. Sözlük kullanmak ve molaya çıkmak yasaktır.

Exam results are announced via e-mail. Until the end of the day on the same day: Foundation Level, Performance Tester, Agile Tester. Within 7-10 days: All Advanced Level exam results are announced by e-mail.

In the exam, you can leave the question you are not sure about blank and return to that question later. When you click on the review button in the upper right corner of the question, it will mark the question you are not sure of in a different color and will enable you to reach this question easily. However, we recommend that you finish your exam without leaving any blank questions, as wrong answers would not delete correct ones.

On the Turkish Testing Board, you can benefit from a 50% discount in the exams that you will participate in again.

Exams are held weekdays, between 08.00-17.00.