Turkish Software Testing and Qualifications Board conducts ISTQB® Certification exams in Turkey. More than 774,000 experts in more than 129 countries around the world have ISTQB® certificates.

Offline and Remote Exams

Exams are held online or in class for certain dates. In addition, face-to-face exams can be carried out upon demand.

Remote exams will not be held at a specific location, are conducted by the participants' own computers after a personalized appointment system. Registration can be completed by selecting the requested date on the payment page for in-class exams.

Application for online exams and in-class exams is done through the Kayıt page.

After the registration form reaches us, the participant will be contacted to determine the exam date. The exam will be held in a common time agreed by both the participant and the proctor.

There is no difference in the number of questions, duration and passing rate of online exams. The conditions that apply to the exams held so far will also apply to the online exams.

*TTB reserves the right to postpone the offline exam and convert it to online.